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Very nice custom made tortoise or reticle enclosure . Holds good humidity and comes with a metal stand. Measures 5 feet long , 3 feet high and 2 feet wide .
Male bearded dragon is almost 2 years old no tank
Baby Sulcata Tortoises well started and eating everything in sight they are 1 for $60 or 2 for $100 .
Two juvenile bearded dragons looking to be rehomed. Everything in the pics is included...terrarium, basking bulb, uv light, red light, carpet, large water dish, two food bowls, rocks, log, cricket keepers and extra food.
EZ's Reptile Rescue is here for those who don't want or can't have Reptiles Venomous or Non-venomous. Over 3 decades ex. saving the unwanted we are a no-kill operation 951-260-9899 .
Downsizing Rep collection 1 Eye 2 Sunglo boas male and female $200 Awesome health and color, each, misc Rosies S Baja, Dome rock, bay of La, $75-100, hog nose $85. 951-260-9899 .
3 little turtles need a new home they will come with their tank and larger rock. (Seen in picture)
9/7/17: Turtle is shy and reserved, and quite precious and loyal to those she trusts. Her unique patterning is exquisite! If you would like to meet her, please let us know your name and phone number and her foster will contact you. Our adoption charge for kittens is $100 - includes vaccinations and a voucher for the spay/neuter. Once the kitten has been spayed/neutered, $30 is refunded.
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Born Thursday all feed . All shed . Feeding on big fuzzy mice most of them are eating meals per feed all are very friendly and active they are also drinking and defecating. Mother Hypo Motley Male coral albino (kahl)Motley het albino - Hypo het albino - normal het albino - txt -- live in Corona CAi can send TONS of pics through email of babies parents and all setup housing....parents on locatio...
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